Welcome to Ruttgers!

Welcome to Ruttgers

########COVID-19 UPDATE#########

We are planning on being open beginning May 1 UNLESS we are told otherwise by the Mn. Dept. of Health or directed by the Governor. The pool will be closed (as are all public pools in Minnesota) until further notice along with places of public gathering.  This will include the picnic shelter and game room areas. We will be practicing social distancing within the lodge building, which will only be used for checking in/out.

All guests in the campground/Seasonal/RV area will be required to use the facilities in their own camper/RV if so equipped but Camping Cabin guests are able to use the bath/shower facilities. For those guests it is required that all children under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult and proper cleaning procedures adhered to. Taking personal responsibility will be key in making this work for the health and safety of one and all.

These are very trying times for everyone, and more than ever it is important for people to get away and take their minds off of the world we  now live in. If we are to make this work and remain open we are going to rely heavily on everyone being responsible, cleaning up after themselves (and their family) as well as practicing social distancing when out on the grounds.

Since there is no indication at this point that we will be closed we are currently going with our normal cancellation policy. If the situation changes we will address the matter when that happens.

I want everyone to know that we will make it through this mess and we will still be here when it sorts itself out. My wife and I are committed to providing a clean and safe environment for your family to visit and get away from it all.


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